Future Foresight Foundation services involve foreseeing the future, performance quality and development of skills towards organizational excellence, as well as enhancing awareness in entities through constant training, building future foresight culture, implementing and sustaining such culture in analyzing the extent of development impact in the fields related to actors’ work, identifying alternatives and choosing the best thereof to develop proactive strategies, initiatives and policies based on correct reading of future orientations in a manner that elevates the work system.

Studies and consultancy services

Future Foresight foundation provides studies and consultancy services for the different entities and sectors, drawing on its strategy in merging specialized local and international capacity and expertise to provide an excellent standard level in future foresight, offering consultancy portfolios in the field of developing change and future foresight initiatives. This is done while taking into account the entity›s strength and its enhancement fields.

As the foundation acts through a team of consultants and experts on monitoring and collecting information from reliable sources, and on analyzing data about the study topic in all its comprehensive givens, topography and characteristics, highlighting its strengths and weaknesses, and working to crystallize important points towards developing solutions to negative aspects and enhancing positive aspects.

Future Foresight Foundation for Consultancy and Training also offers inclusive answers, analytical opinions and foresight scenarios that light up the way before decision makers to determine their strategic options, depending on an experienced group of thought leaders and specialists from around the world.

Training services

Future Foresight Foundation for Consultancy and Training works on planning and implementing the latest training programs and workshops in a creative manner at the hands of professional experts and specialists, with fittings and under circumstances that ensure maximum benefit from the training process with all its inputs and outputs. It also works on implementing modern specialized programs and courses that cope with the market needs effective modern training and teaching methods marked for flexibility in coping with the trainees’ needs. It also blends knowledge about how to directly and professionally participate in the market through our connections of strategic partnerships with international training institutions.
Future Foresight Foundation for Consultancy and Training examines and analyses organizational needs to build strategic objectives accredited by the entity, as well as the training needs at the levels of the individuals and the administrations. Hence, we develop a preview and a scheme to identify the training needs in accordance with the priorities of the entity.

Managing and organizing training programs, discussion workshops, seminars, lectures and conferences, and recruiting a selection of speakers, lecturers and academic researchers through our partnerships and cooperation with globally acknowledged scholarly institutions.
Providing a training environment that equips employees with necessary skills and competences, and offering constant and integrated training and development opportunities for entities.
Developing capacities and polishing skills, both individual and collective, in entities and companies, regarding mechanisms and approaches for future foresight to attain the entity’s objective in the highest possible efficiency.
Preparing and developing the content of scheduled training courses and programs for employees in light of the entity’s needs and in accordance with its development plan through modern training programs and systems.
Providing development and qualification solutions for the administrative sector.
Providing consultancy to bring about development and progress for administrative personnel and attain strategic objectives.
Measuring the impact of development and training programs on individual and organizational performance.

Foundational excellence and innovation

Future Foresight foundation employs a specialized work team in the department of foundational excellence and innovation whose task is to assist and support training administration in developing plans of creative and excellent building of future scenarios, training entities to reach variables in a scholarly manner, designing future foresight integrated systems, analyzing internal and external environment, identifying available opportunities and how to invest the notion of future foresight and its tools in preempting challenges and working to find out solutions based on creativity as an approach for developing services and government work in accordance with a futuristic vision. This is carried out through the following:

Establishing positive thinking as a basis for creativity and excellence and complying with new world transformations and challenges of the era.
Developing plans and programs and assessing performance towards achieving governmental excellence.
Implementing effective planning methods in practical reality and proper follow-up approaches.
Entrenching innovation as a culture in planning and following-up business.
Developing effective, dynamic organization to achieve governmental excellence as a corollary to innovation.
Finding out the ways creative coordination and support of quality business life, as well as its pivotal values.
Managing comprehensive and constant change and development.